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Developing and maintaining a custom defined inventory app for the household. The application is built with PHP and MySQL, with flexibility and responsiveness in mind to manage:
- hardware items,
- hardware vendors,
- software licenses,
- software vendors,
- cables/accessories
- and users assigned to the items.
Besides the traditional authentication, 2FA (Two Factor) is enabled.
1 Month before software license renewal, an email is sent to the admin to know if any software application needs renewal. For hardware items a QR code is created, containing the column data for notes, make/model, inventory ID.
Future roadmap: Blockchain Integration, REST API, scan printed/pdf exported QR codes via mobile developed app.



1. The captured video has no sound.
2. The observed bugs have been resolved in the final version.
3. The video demo of the implemented intranet application is not shown to be the latest updated version for security reasons.